Bramidan Baler Model B5 W

Bramidan Balers offers a large range of High Quality Vertical Balers in various sizes. Please See their Bramidan B5 W Model below.


Model B4 Baler
Dimensions WxDxH (inch)       37 x 28 x 78
Bale Weight OCC/ Cardboard   85-130 lbs
Bale Weight Plastic                 110-155 lbs


About B5 W

  • Small stockroom baler being filled with cardboard boxes by woman


Handling larger boxes

The B5 W is a stock room baler which has been constructed to service users with smaller amounts of waste, but who still need a machine to handle bulky materials. 

The machine is characterized by a wide filling opening of 40 inches, which is an advantage when handling larger cardboard boxes. The chamber is equipped with rows of efficient barbs, which keep the material back and ensure optimum filling.

Meets and exceeds ANSI Standards Z245.5 and OSHA Safety Standards. UL® & CUL® Approved Control Panel.


  • Large filling opening
    Advantage when handling larger boxes
  • Easy to replace strap rolls
    They are placed in front
  • Automatic ejection
    Two-hand operation ejects the bale
Model B5 W
Press force (lbs) 11,000
Power supply 110V 1-Phase 60Hz 20A
Motor (HP) 1.8
Noise level (dB) 65-68
Cycle time (sec) 39
Dimensions WxDxH (inch) 54 x 36 x 94 / 72
Weight (lbs) 1,325
Feed opening WxH (inch) 36 x 21
Load height (inch) 36
Chamber height (inch) 51
Stroke (inch) 30
Bale size WxDxH (inch) 36 x 24 x 30
Bale weight OCC (lbs) 175-245
Bale weight plastic (lbs) 200-290




  • Automatic ejection system inside the chamber of stockroom balerAn efficient and silent ejecting system ensures easy handling of the compressed bale.


  • Woman mounting baler strapping in front of small stockroom balerThe strap rolls are easy to replace in front of the machine.


  • Woman activating ejection system on small stockroom balerThe machine has a full-indicator, which tells you when the chamber is full and ready for baling.

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